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[bikes and kids]
22 June 2006 - 12:58 am

to tell

ok so i was biking home from brooke's. and her house is like 4 blocks southwards from mine, which includes paths around my elementary school (i live right in back of the school). the back of my house faces the park, but my parents dont like to leave the gate unbolted, or the back door unlocked because kids will throw shit in the pool or steal our vcr, SO i needed to come around the front of the house. so i went up the park path (we call it 'the park'), to cut off the distance and avoid having to go all the way up from the bottom of my street (which is a legitimate hill). so i'm biking, and usually when i go home at night, light is no problem because there is enough to get me to the back gate. but since i had to go around the front, i had to take a never- before explored nighttime route. (i know my way well in the light). so i begin, and it gets REALLY dark..and i'm estimating where the path is...and then i start to pass this bench that's a *little* tucked away back into some greenery, and i start getting scared in my head. because this morning i watched part of 'the villiage,' an m. night shamalyan film, which was pretty stupid but there was a scary animal cloak thing, and in my head i start imagining the worst being in this really really REALLY dark path. i'm so close to my house, but as i'm regaining my composure after realizing that stuff is dumb, i veered slightly to the left, and as soon as i heard and felt rocks/gravel/dirt (indication that i was off the path), (i think because i was jumpy) i SLAMMED on my brakes. likely the left brake first. this bike has VERY good, sensitive brakes, and the bike just quickly lifted off the back wheel, onto the front wheel (stuck by the brake), and kindof air-lifted me up with it. the front wheel, gripped by the left brake, stayed on the ground, and my legs came down slightly in front of, and around the handlebars (i have marks on the inside of my legs from impact). but this way, i landed on my feet. my left foot, luckily, came out of my toe clip, and my right may have still been stuck. it's hard to say. i may have landed on my right hand too. yes. that makes sense. so i landed on some combination of my feet, and then got up. i think my first thought was sweet, its pitch black so DEFINITELY noone saw me. and then i thought, that was COOL. and i'm not hurt but maybe i have some scrapes and i think thats AWESOME. and then i thought i kindof want to do that again. and like, learn how and practice and make it cool. and then i thought i should probably walk my bike till i get to the street. so i did. and then i got a cup of water.

and i just wanted to tell you.

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